Saint Saviours Church – closure of a Hednesford Gem

Saint savioursThe November’s meeting of The Museum’s ‘Hidden Gems’ group dedicated the session in memory to the Church of St. Saviours which closed its doors for the final time on 22nd October 2017.  The theme of November’s meeting was aptly named, ‘Spiritual Devotion in Hednesford Past’.  The group explored the history of the growth of Church communities which resulted during the influx of the mining community in Hednesford during the late 19th Century.

Previously the inhabitants had to rely on St Luke’s in Cannock for their spiritual welfare.  The growing mining population however, now were in need of new places of worship nearer to their homes.  Mining was always a very uncertain industry and religion played a very important part in people’s lives.

Saint Saviours  built in 1888 was a mission church, not a daughter Church, at a cost of £567.00 with a seating capacity of 250.  On Wednesday 4th April at 3.00pm 1888 the new ‘Green Heath Mission’ was dedicated by the Bishop of Lichfield, Bishop William Dalrymple Maclagan.  It served the population with a full range of services and a Sunday School which was closed for 5 weeks due to a measles epidemic in 1896.

Over a 125 years later the building is now crumbling and the congregation has diminished to around a dozen people.  So it has been deemed not viable keep it as  place of worship.  The Church held its last service on Sunday 22nd October, 2017.  For now the congregation has moved to Saint Peters, the Parish Church built in 1868.

The Right Reverened Clive Gregory saw the closure as an end of era comparing the occasion with the coming of a woman actor being cast in the role of Doctor Who – the Church going through its own process of regeneration.


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